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About Us

Jacob Hamilton
Creative Director & Founder
Andrew "R-Tis" James
Andrew "R-Tis" James
Art Director
Dinah Buyinza
Dinah Buyinza
Creative Director
Jesse Matthew 
Creative Director
20180620_040202 (1).jpg
Nicolle Oshinowo
Waheed Cole
Creative Director

7375Films is an innovative, cutting-edge entertainment unit for a worldwide audience. With decades of combined experience in the music, television, and theatre businesses, and extensive participation in Hollywood, Vancouver, and London productions, Jacob Hamilton, Jesse Cooper, and Andrew "R-Tis" James are building a volume of work that’s guaranteed to break new ground.


Since 2018, the group’s music videos and web series have been seen globally on streaming platforms and in film festivals spanning a dozen countries.


Providing Filming, Editing, Production Design for Television, Film, and Music videos at competitive industry rates.


7375Films is the only place to go for all your video production needs.

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